Wednesday, April 8, 2009

N 6100 linux framebuffer driver

I finally sorted out the underlying spi master/slave setup issues and were able to start working on a linux framebuffer driver.
The first version can be downloaded from the link below. It is a fairly standard framebuffer driver, based on the skeletonfb sample module. After the module is loaded it should create the /dev/fb0 device node. The node can then be used to send data (image data mostly) to te screen.
(mmap-ed write access is not supported right now, the write() function can be used to send image data to the screen in a similar fashion.)
If the fbcon driver is built into the kernel, it can also use this driver and turn the lcd into a small console screen (see image on the right).
More information about rebuilding the driver and module parameters can be found in the README.txt file in the archive.

Download : n6100fb-0.01.tar.gz