Thursday, July 17, 2008

Nokia 6100 Test utility

I haven't quite gotten to the framebuffer driver part yet, but in the meantime I came up with this user mode application that displays some graphics and a bitmap on the Nokia lcd screen.
Basically it is the combination of the two separate test apps (lcdtest & lcdimg) included in the driver, described in the previous post.
The main difference is that this program doesn't require any drivers to access the screen, it initializes and uses the pxa255 ssp controller to communicate with the screen.
By default it assumes the screen uses an Epson controller. To use with Phillips controllers, only a simple change is required: in the main() function, the first parameter of the lcdInit() call has to be changed from 1 to 0.
The program draws some simple graphics : lines, circles, text. And it also loads and display a bitmap from raw image file. Therefore it is important to transfer the cat.rgb file to the target, together with the executable.

Download : nokiatest-0.01.tar.gz

It can be seen in action below :

Now it's really time to get that framebuffer driver going ...


Claude said...

Hello Zlot, I have done a ,really ugly btw, framebuffer driver for a similar display. The driver uses a kernel thread to copy from userspace (/dev/fb0) to my display buffer. Beside some minor flaws with color palettes the driver works pretty good (2-3% cpu load on a 190MHz Arm9 at 240x320 16bbp).
If you are interested drop me a email and I will send you the sources.

amine say said...

Nice work. Mes encouragements.

Alexander said...

Hello Zsolt, it is my ugly driver:) Works on at91sam9260 200 MHz, 8 bit color.

meet. said...
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